Proof That carpet cleaning denver Really Works

carpet cleaning denver

See how it compares here’s the other one we’ll do the other one quick yeah you can really smell the wd- coming up some warm water like I said we only waited on this one about ten minutes actually.

After spraying the wd- on so this is a quick and effective stain remover now we’ll come back to this after it’s dry and see how it worked okay this is the spot here that we treated with the soap and vinegar so again we’ve got some hot soapy water here in a little towel we’ll wash cloth.

That we use and just kind of clean this area get all that vinegar and stuff out of there so I’m going to scrub this and we’ll come back and see how it looks okay so I’ve spent about minutes of solid scrubbing and you can tell it’s .

Wet so you use a dry carpet over here that’s the wet carpet there but it looks like the stain is kind of lifted here it’s a little dark but maybe you have to do several applications of the vinegar and salt material again once it’s dry we’ll come back and take a look okay now for the weird one here are the two spots that we pour it off.

The beer again got our soapy water hot soapy water so we’re just gonna scrub this area out and look at that it’s coming right up just like the wd- here’s our other spot here’s our clean spot you can see it’s wet do the other one.

This is a good cheap fix this one a wd- real simple pour it on scrub it off done that vinegar one I don’t know let’s see what it turns out to be but I’m not liking it as much okay there we go yeah that looks pretty good again we’ll see what it looks like after it’s dry.

Okay here we are it is now dry this is where the stains were the wd- removed them very well here’s the one and there’s the other can’t even tell they’re there so wd- works okay here’s the place where we use the vinegar solution that stain is also out required a little more work than the wd- but clearly it’s out here I left part of the stain there’s what it used to look like and.

That’s what it looks like now so that one works as well okay here is where we emptied the beer on the carpet so that the stain there is gone now you can see here’s the normal carpet so the beer also works again a little less work than the vinegar but that works as well so in conclusion the wd- the vinegar and soap solution and pouring a beer on the carpet all work to remove carpet stains although the vinegar.

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