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So that’s the same version that he’s using here this one is better at suppressing infantry I found it just fires faster does more damage and even as it has less accuracy that doesn’t really matter because at a high rate of fire it’s basically going to negate itself anyway it’s not that much to say but the Concours other than put them into towns and kill tanks yeah that’s basically what these guys are here for.

I notice that he does not have any kind of a a infantry in here but it seems that he’s working with a lot of motor shoots in I don’t think that I would use all of them personally and this is the first time that I’m gonna start making a change to this deck because I don’t see myself going through cars or units of motor shoots soon and motor shoots in ninety and personally if I was defending a town.

I would like to have some sort of a a defense there as well other than having to rely on my LST ours purely for that role and the Grom infantry would be really nice to do that job for me so I’m gonna delete one card of modish it’san and again if I find myself lacking I can always switch back later one card of Grom let’s throw in five of these and for me that rounds at the infantry section slightly better than what he has set up moving on supports he says I have three tours you might want to switch three tours for five if you find you lose a lot of them but with the right macro it should be enough and he’s talking about of course this vehicle.

I believe this is the only vehicle that fires its missiles up right or that at least carries its missiles up right the other ones almost without fault if their missiles diagonally like for example this one anyway the tour does hg damage and he says it also combines very very well with four HD missiles from the LSD or s the guys we just saw here they have come on alright.

I selected that I have for a cheat damage on their missile so if you combine that with the h II missile from Aflac on tour you’re already at points of aichi damage and since most planes only have Hz damage or ten hit points you should be able to kill him but not only the flak on tour combines with the Ellis Terrace they also combine very well with this opal which has again degrom for a chi or this thing could stun it or damage it a little bit so that the missile from the flat.

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